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I LOVE painting indoor murals. There is something fabulous about making a blank wall your canvas. I also love designing wall art that suits the space it is in and complements the rest of the decor.

So whether you are a homeowner who wants to spice up their bedroom, bathroom or living room, or you work in a space that could use a more inviting area for customers, or you want something special and unique for a child's room, I can accommodate it all. 

I charge $100 per hour, and provide a free estimate when I see the space for the first time. Depending on the detail of the painting and the scale or size it will fill, the price can vary because of the time it will take. All materials are included in the price. Background wall color is NOT included. Wall needs to be painted prior to the mural session. Check out the samples below to see some of my previous work.

Every mural is custom designed and custom painted, and you as my client can have as much say or as little say as you would like in the design. So use the button at left to send me an EMAIL and let's schedule your consultation!

Rosemaling mural finished 4.JPG


This mural is a medium sized

(72"x48") complex design approximately $500

Modern Nordic mural 1.JPG


This mural is a small sized

(36"x36") simple design approximately $275

Garden Mural 1.jpg


This mural is a large sized

(84"x168") simple design approximately $800

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