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If you are a corporation who would like to see art on your walls, a realtor wanting to put some beautiful, fresh and contemporary artwork in a staged home or a restaurant needing to spice up their walls, then look no further!

I am happy to rent my artwork at a fraction of the purchase cost to make living and working with art not only affordable, but also exciting. You can rent one piece or 10, for one month or one year! It's up to you how long you keep the artwork and how many pieces you choose to display. Below is my list of sizes and costs to rent per month. Please email me using the button or my contact page (you can also call) so we can get you started putting some fabulous art in your home or office. 

The buttons on the left will take you to a sample contract as well as my shop to browse available rentable artwork!

The prices listed below are MONTHLY rental prices per artwork next to the PURCHASE price. This includes painting, prints and any other 2 dimensional work whether framed or unframed, lighted or not.

Square Inches                                 

60-110 sq in                         

111-350 sq in                     

351-600 sq in                          

601- 900 sq in                         

901-1300 sq in                        

1301- 3,600 sq in                 

Price Per Month                                












Purchase Price                                 











Grammalitta's handiwork mockup.png

22x30" print

The image pictured at left is an example of a 22x30" lighted print that is a total of 660 Sq. Inches and rents for $75 per month. The wholesale value is $875 when purchased in my shop.

36x36" painting

This encaustic painting is 36x36" and is a total of 1,296 Sq. Inches. It rents for $150 per month and is $3,500 when purchased wholesale from my online shop.

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