This past Saturday was my school's Art Auction Fundraiser! I am very excited to say that I sold a piece! It went to a new home, but I still have one more available. The funds go directly to the school to fund the Dialects of Art Program. If you want to take one of my lightboxes home at a rock bottom price, then check it out here

I am the inaugural artist of the month for Visual Philosophy's Patreon account! If you want to support my studio (where I make all my artwork) and get some cool insider tips, and branded Dana swag, check it out here.

I am also super excited to announce that I won the 2020 Santa Clara County Artist Laureate Award! I am truly honored and look forward to sharing my art, teaching and spreading the word about the art scene in San Jose. Check out the video above about my process and why I do what I do. You can read more about the award here.

I also added a shop to my site so you can purchase work directly from me! You can also purchase more artwork here at my Etsy site.

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