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I really enjoy telling my story, (now that I have a firm grasp of what I want to say!) and helping others gain clarity and confidence in their own stories. I am excited to announce that I was chosen as one of San Jose's Creative Ambassadors- bringing art to my community, and letting everyone around me know that creativity can be fun and stress free!


If you would like to be more confident in telling your artistic story and talking to clients (or museum directors!) about your work, then start your journey with my 3 Part Recipe for crafting your perfect Artist Statement. You can access this FREE resource just by joining my email newsletter through this Link! I will keep you updated about once a week on happenings in my studio, upcoming classes and of course, my #explorecreativeconnections prompts!

And if you want to go even deeper, then I have a longer self paced video course available called Storytelling for Artists. It's all about the journey from understanding who you are and what you want to say all the way to sharing your story with others, selling more artwork and landing those big commissions or awards. Check it out here!

My shop is being continually updated so please check it out and see what's new that you can bring home! You can also purchase more artwork here at my Etsy site.

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