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I have exciting news! I am moving to the Pacific Northwest: Poulsbo, Washington (also known as "Little Norway") Our family is relocating in order to own a homestead and of course an artist studio. I will continue to operate the School of Visual Philosophy online as we move increasingly digital. It's really going to be fun to connect more to my Baltic Heritage with others who share the same ancestry. 

I have also recently started teaching on Skillshare! This exciting venture began when I tried to find more instruction on encaustic painting and found a void in the online learning area, so I decided to create my own classes. After years of experimenting and failing (of course) but also succeeding, I believe I can help budding artists discover this amazing medium without the fear or tears. So if you'd like to see what I've got up there so far, click this LINK and you can enroll in the classes while getting 1 month free on Skillshare!


I am also thrilled to share that 5 of my prints are hanging in Top Dumpling, (pictured above) a restaurant in Sunnyvale. You can see them in person and get some yummy authentic Chinese food!

I also just added a whole bunch of new artwork (large and small encaustic paintings to my shop so please check it out and see what's new that you can bring home! You can also purchase more artwork here at my Etsy site.

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