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What Inspires You?

Is it a walk along the beach? 

A poem that speaks directly to your soul?

A piece of art that you can't stop looking at?

I am here to help inspire you and give you something meaningful and authentic to live with in your day to day life. Why shouldn't you have something beautiful and inspiring in your home, office or studio?

I am inspired by my family heritage- the land and the culture and the fabric of my ancestors. Something I can see in my everyday life, something I see in the faces of my children, something I see when I look outside or inside myself. Please explore the ethereal nature of time and memory with me! Just click the button to be inspired!

How do you Inspire others?

Creating is a Conversation.

Do you want to connect authentically with your audience? Are you having trouble talking to people about your art? Believe me, I know it can be daunting to try to tell your whole story in one statement, or one art piece. But don't worry, I have you covered! If you want to be excited about sharing and selling your artwork, then click the button below!

Get my 3 Part Recipe for crafting your perfect 

Your artwork comes from within. Only YOU can create YOUR art. Being able to tell your story with clarity and confidence is an essential artistic tool. I would love to help you on your journey! If you are ready to go, then click the button and get the FREE video recipe.

Can't get enough inspiration?

I am a compulsive learner (and educator!) I can't get enough information, tips, tricks and ways to help me inspire others. If you are the same way, check out my myriad of classes, both online and in person. I teach in the Pacific Northwest, and if you don't live there, then join my community of students across the globe. I literally have something for everyone!

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